Howard Marks - An Audience with Mr. Nice @ The Ocean, Dec 2003
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Howard Marks aka (Mr. Nice) gave a show at the Ocean. What does one say about “the most sophisticated drugs baron of all time“ (Daily Mirror). This is a gentleman who with the help of friends and fellow students at Oxford University, built a world-wide smuggling network that allegedly became responsible for the majority of marijuana smoked in the western world throughout the 1970’s and most of the 1980’s.

Once an agent for MI6 (Her Majesty’s Secret Service) and the orchestrator of major cannabis deals direct with members of the American CIA, Mr. Nice had 43 aliases and over 25 companies world-wide as cover for his truly international smuggling empire. His motivation became the legalisation of cannabis / marijuana, and a determined will to beat the system (he would not trade in any other drug and gave away most of the profits).

link: howard marks official website

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