The Remix XFM Night Thursday 10th June 2004 - Freestylers
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We all showed up tonight to celebrate samples of inspired energy from the long-awaited third album out on the 21st June from the awesome Freestylers. Additional blasts of inspiration came from Val M and Theo who really got the punters moving. Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey AKA the Freestylers, opened up for Lenny Kravitz upon personal request from the man himself, rocked the joint at Glastonbury to an audience of 23,000 [Time Out declared the Freestylers as being the highlight of the entire festival] and just for good measure, had a public scrap with the Gallagher brothers! By way of recognition they were nominated for a MOBO Award, won a Muzik Magazine Award [R.I.P] for “Best Band“, a top twenty hit with “B Boy Stance“ and scooped the Best Newcomer gong under their Raw As F**k pseudonym at last years Breakspoll Awards. Not bad so far for an underground breaks duo! - More freestylers freestylers@common ground festival

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