The Remix XFM Night Thursday 17th June 2004 - Infadels
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Guest support - The Infadels - my vote for best new band this decade - are an act with indesribable energy, causing more than a stir. Responsible for last month's single 'Can't Get Enough' / 'Murder That Sound' which received spot plays on radio across the board; and last September's debut single 'Leave Your Body'. The East London four piece's style is acid house, electro, p-funk mixed with dirty rock 'n' roll shovelled onto the audience with in ya face style. Take a look at the first image - you will definitely be seeing more of that face in the near future as they ram some life back into he music biz. More infadels at the Diesel U Music Awards - Even more infadels at the TDK Cross Central Festival - the infadels homepage

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