Common Ground Festival July 4th, 2004 - Moloko
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Moloko, big band, big show, big beats, big energy and a big number of photos to shake down to these 20. Last act of the evening - but worth waiting for. Was only allowed to take photos for the first three songs, but snuck back in later to take some more.

001-CGML-484 002-CGML-FD-16A 003-CGML-477 004-CGML-482 005-CGML-FA-34A
001-CGML-484.jpg 002-CGML-FD-16A.jpg 003-CGML-477.jpg 004-CGML-482.jpg 005-CGML-FA-34A.jpg
006-CGML-605 007-CGML-607 008-CGML-611 009-CGML-FE-10A 010-CGML-FE-11A
006-CGML-605.jpg 007-CGML-607.jpg 008-CGML-611.jpg 009-CGML-FE-10A.jpg 010-CGML-FE-11A.jpg
011-CGML-FE-13A 012-CGML-FE-31A 013-CGML-598 014-CGML-FD-23A 015-CGML-487
011-CGML-FE-13A.jpg 012-CGML-FE-31A.jpg 013-CGML-598.jpg 014-CGML-FD-23A.jpg 015-CGML-487.jpg
016-CGML-FE-26A 017-CGML-514 018-CGML-602 019-CGML-FD-30A 020-CGML-FD-35A
016-CGML-FE-26A.jpg 017-CGML-514.jpg 018-CGML-602.jpg 019-CGML-FD-30A.jpg 020-CGML-FD-35A.jpg