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Riff Random are an Australian 5 piece who secured slots at last year's Reading and Leeds festivals over the phone!! The band also supported Bloc Party on tour last year and are certainly a band to keep an eye on!

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01-KAH4-RR-864.jpg 02-KAH4-RR-825.jpg 03-KAH4-RR-827.jpg 05-KAH4-RR-883.jpg 06-KAH4-RR-884.jpg
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07-KAH4-RR-829.jpg 08-KAH4-RR-830.jpg 09-KAH4-RR-857.jpg 10-KAH4-RR-875.jpg 11-KAH4-RR-893.jpg
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17-KAH4-RR-005.jpg 18-KAH4-RR-772.jpg 19-KAH4-RR-773.jpg 20-KAH4-RR-775.jpg 21-KAH4-RR-819.jpg